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About Us

Among the Finest Edible Oil Manufacturing Companies in India

BN Group has firmly established itself in the industry through a clear image and commitment to fair-trade practices. As we reflect on our journey, we find ourselves standing tall in the heart of the FMCG sector, a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. The household names 'Healthy Value' and 'Simply Fresh' reflect its strong presence and popularity across India.


Our Vision

“Building nation with healthy lifestyle through Innovative, Quality, Accessible and Sustainable solutions.”

Our Brands

◆ Edible oil ◆ Simply & Fresh ◆ Healthy value

Our Products

Products to make your everyday life easier.


We steer our organization's strategy and take charge of leading our people with precision.


Where cutting-edge technology transforms the finest ingredients

In our state-of-the-art factory, the refinement of edible oil is an exceptional process where cutting-edge technology converges with the expertise of our dedicated and committed staff. Our refining facility stands as a testament to innovation, employing advanced techniques that ensure the highest quality in every drop of our edible oils. From meticulous quality control to precision in processing, our team's unwavering commitment to excellence plays a pivotal role in delivering refined edible oils that meet the highest standards in the industry. Together, technology and human dedication harmonize in our factory to produce edible oils that consistently exceed expectations.



Our goal, Customer satisfaction


Why we are loved in kitchens across India


Improving blood


Rich in
Vitamin E & K




Enhancing bone

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